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Petits Tresors, a customizable jewellery specialist, offers a wide range of custom jewelry sets for women. Are you hesitating between a necklace and a bracelet? Your heart swings and you can't choose? You want to offer an exceptional gift and are looking for a bracelet and necklace that combine perfectly? We wanted to meet your expectations and that's why we chose to offer you fully customizable women's jewelry sets. The idea is to offer you combinations of bracelets and necklaces to help you in your request for the perfect gift.

Women's customizable jewellery set: a unique gift.

What is customizable jewelry set? It is a combination of jewelry, usually a bracelet and a pendant, which combines perfectly to ensure a trendy and refined look. Our customizable jewelry collection grows every year and by offering you jewelry sets, we want to help you find the gift you need faster. It can be a piece of jewelry to offer to a woman who means something to you just as it can be an set just for you. The jewelry we offer on our online store is customizable. What could be better than an engraving to make a jewel unique? Our experienced jewellers will be happy to customize your jewelry with the engraving of your choice. Personalize your women's jewelry set with a first name, a significant date or even a personal message... This customization will only make your jewelry set more intimate and exceptional.

Jewellery sets to be engraved for women made in France.

It is in the downtown of Lyon, in France, that our experienced jewellers engrave your jewelry sets. We stay tuned to advise you on the personalization of your engraving. We can be reached by phone to help you customize your jewelry sett as you wish. Does the message to be engraved seem too long? Are you hesitant about the font to choose for your jewelry? We will advise you as best as we can to make sure you will be satisfied with your purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority.

When could you offer a personalised jewellery set for women?

There are many opportunities to offer a woman a piece of jewelry. We naturally think of Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day but also a birthday or Christmas. All these parties are an opportunity to please the women of your life: wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother... Our women's jewelry sets approach a variety of styles but always in a desire for chic and uncluttered design. Each piece of jewelry becomes unique thanks to our jewelry customization service. The engraving of your set makes it a unique and intimate gift.